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"We're back!", says the food

I miss you all~~ my delicious, my precious!
STRONGLY RECOMMAND! Shaanxi Style Food, ROJIAMO on the left and JISIHUNDUN on the right.
and I’m going to have the following crab in the coming one or two weeks. Huge pincers!

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  1. Yiping responded:

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    mistake. It’s not Shanxi(山西), it should be Shaanxi(陕西)

  2. 小奇 responded:

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    why two "a"? spell in English? Look at the photo names in my album, they are correct.

  3. Yiping responded:

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    山西和陕西的拼音是一样的,为了区别不让人混淆,于是陕西的英文就多一个a, Shaanxi

  4. 小奇 responded:

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    IC… I shall correct it then~ and it’s

  5. 慈瑋 responded:

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    woowoo ~They looks soooo delicious !Next time when I have that chance to go to Mainland China …You must take me to have a taste !

  6. 小奇 responded:

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    Sure~ Do come, you’re always welcome

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