Joe's Quest

22.10km , 1:10:08 and etc.

Sunday morning, cloudy, windy, a bit cold. Started riding. This time, no destination. Free riding to the north.

Key figures:

  • 22.10km 
    I had a time limit and I wanted to ride as far as I could.
  • 1:10:08 
    I went out at 9:15am. I thought I had 2hrs to ride. But I did not count the traffic lights in. If so, the time used should be this one.
  • 30.4km/h
    I had a record of 43km/h of myself. At that time, I would rather die. Sometimes it’s not easy to ride too fast in winter, it feels too hot and you can not take off the clothes.

I got all my underclothes sweat, like been washed.

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  1. I like your ecshop theme very much ,please MSN me 🙂 [email protected]

  2. J7N responded:

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    wanna be a tough guy?^^

  3. RE:J7N
    Wanna be a healthy guy~

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