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Auto scroll and capture the whole web page in Mac OS X

In Windows, HyperSnap could help auto scroll the window and capture the whole web page. The Mac OS X build-in software Grab can not do this. After googling, I found out this software Paparazzi! really helps.

Update on 2012/12/21:

Now use chrome extension: Screen Capture(by Google) can do the trick with Chrome.

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  1. Rocky responded:

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    Thanks for sharing this tidbit. I’ve been looking for a Mac-based scrolling screen capture application for a long time but I must have been searching in the wrong places. This simple application works like a charm.

  2. This doesn’t work on protected pages.

  3. @Marcel Touma: And not working for some browser plugins. I could not capture flash once..

  4. Ray responded:

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    Try Layers by Wuonm its a wonderful little program but it is not a free program.

  5. Layers is quite nice. Bought it within five minutes of seeing its functionality. Its perfect for my needs, especially because it grabs a scrolling browser screenshot from within the A-class browsers, not within its own browser.

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