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Begin with a call

The day Aug 4th, I was on the way to the office. My mobile phone rang. It was Lulu, called from Shenzhen.

“Do you have time these days?….”
“Yes, not too busy. I just quit the job, you know, nothing much to do.”
“How about going to Tibet?”
“The day after tomorrow, I’ve booked the ticket from Guangzhou to Lhasa”
“…So soon… Let me think about it…”

The call was in a sudden, I didn’t have too much time to think over. In the afternoon, Lulu just called again.

“What do you say?”
“Ok. I’ll be there.” I’ve been longing for Tibet. I just did not know the travelling day was coming so fast, beyond my preparation.

Anyway, I could not miss the chance. It was in perfect time, at perfect place, with perfect people. I got everything packed and booked the flight to GZ in 5th’s morning and the same filght with Lulu from GZ to Lhasa in 6th’s morning. All the luck was coming one by one. I got a very good discount for both the flights. God let me go.

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  1. charlotte responded:

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    Just do what you want is the best!
    I wish I could go to Tibet too……
    But I think I would go to Greece first before I go to there, hehe…..

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