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Gmail improves interface a little bit

Maybe in a few hours, gmail’s interface looks different. When I logged in one second ago, my eyes told me there’s something different: the Buttons. To recall the memory to compare, I have to google the old interface out: The buttons in new interface look more compact, beautiful. Not ugly grey buttons any more  (those […]

Today in history

I was very young at that time, no more than 10. Judged people with the word “good” and “bad”. Saw a lot of scenes on TV… Now I know that a lot of things are not that simple. The history shall be never forgotten.


Take a look at what you’ve got before closing them. Think of what you want to get before opening them. The way to lead a happier life. – Wrote on my old blog, just move it here.


It seems to be true that so many things happened these days. Even some rumor is spreading, which says the number of the date/time when those accidents happened are destiny. I say it’s caused by how you see it. We face to so many accidents everyday. we feel sorry and sad about the victims. But […]

Again, the power of attraction

My roomate went for a trip, with the DSLR(Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera we have. I was planning to take some photos with that camera. In that case, I have to think for another way. The best way is borrow one from other friends. But in my memory, I don’t have such friend around who has a DSLR. The idea could be […]

Reading is fun, practicing means more. The best part is that I couldn’t help and I am practicing. And so far what I’ve met just verified what I’ve read.

A poem said that, 清明时节雨纷纷. Yep. It’s midnight and it’s raining out there. The 3rd rainy weekend… It should be a good time to visit HZ. Go along Sudi, enjoy the clean air of spring.

After nearly 2 months'(OMG!) wondering. Maybe longer hair costs more energy? Hmm… shorter, better.

Remember 2007

The last day, the last 10 minutes, time to say “farewell, 2007”. During this year, I learnt, I changed,  got something and lost something.  Thanks to people who helped me a lot, I became better:  – My parents, they live far away from me, but they are very supportive.   – P, one of the best friends, the best partner. […]

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