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Click the picture above to get the wallpaper. Merry Christmas! My dear friends, wish all the luck be with you.

Nice view clip from Charlotte

The wonderful video clip comes from my good friend Charlotte, who is a girl, good at cooking (more here and here). But not only that, after watching this video clip, I have to award her a golden star. I never know movie maker can make this good. Yes it was me who tell her to […]

After being together for just 3 months, I have to say goodbye to you, my ThinkPal, ThinkPad.

7hrs riding

Without a stop watch, I don’t know how far I have riden. From 1:30pm to 9:00pm, at altitude 3648M. Compare to 100M swimming at alatitude 4300M on Aug 11th, riding a bike is a easier job. At least I could take rest on it.


It was July, 27th. I moved to the new appartment far away from downtown. Like the countryside. Costs 1.5 hrs even by metro. The good point is that the cost is much lower and it’s quieter there. Could be a base for a while. Gonna say goodbye to this district. The brain was blank in […]

ThinkPad, ThinkPal

I got my first laptop. Brand new ThinkPad T61p which is now present by Lenovo. It’s black, it’s cool and I like it very much. I also bought some accessories to protect it such as a softbag, screen protect film, keyboard protect film, external portable laptop cooler. A bluetooth mouse was applied too, easy to […]

人生一朝如陽雪, 盡化春水軟紅塵。 天涯若是有緣處, 山水陌路自故人。

It begins with cassette

1988. I saw my father had a Sanyo portable cassette player, looks like the ones above but a little different. I wanted it but I was too young to have it. I could not control my curiosity and played with it when father was not noticing. I even pushed the 3 button down together, which […]

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