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37.2℃, the temperature of love

37.2℃, the temperature of love

37.2℃, the temperature of love. The campaign was launched from early April. Michael of,AKA MZ, is the key man of it. The first event is E100 review, which has been successfully finished. User review is a good tradition of iriver since 2003. It’s based on good-quality product. By stimulate the loyal fans’ interests of […]

To my surprise that my homepage got a pagerank of 2. That’s a nice beginning. In the meantime, the PR of has been 6 and has been 5 which pleased me too.

My new record today: 130 push-ups. Also got a new tight-fit, black, the second tight-fit I have since 1999.

110 push-ups, it could be a milestone. Leave a mark here. Since last Nov till now, the qty is increasing, 1 by 1, 10 by 10.


S.M.A.R.T. is… Set Specific Goals Set Measurable Goals Set Adjustable Goals/Set Action-Oriented Goals Set Realistic Goals Set Time-based Goals

Photoshop Express Service

Adobe photoshop express: use photoshop online and more

  Service called Photoshop Express presented by Adobe started. More and more services were put online. From the frontpage of it, I saw many photos which might be generated by users. UCC is everywhere… Register this service, you can get 2G free online storage and a subdomain with your ID. The coolest thing is the UI, […]

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