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The work is getting done step by step. It feels good. Strange that I’m totally a different man compare to one week ago. There must be a clock~

The more you know, the more you don’t know: Talking about the knowledge, the feeling is getting stronger. One thing that should be reminded again is: Never too late to learn, but just do it anytime, anywhere!

I'm not a pro, but I made it by myself

It was all about the accident on The riding day. In short, my coat got a hole on the chest. I desided to fix it myself. I was finding the patch online (sounds like patch for the software, haha, but no.). Thanks to Sandy that she bought one for me. But for two weeks, I had no […]

22.10km , 1:10:08 and etc.

Sunday morning, cloudy, windy, a bit cold. Started riding. This time, no destination. Free riding to the north. Key figures: 22.10km  I had a time limit and I wanted to ride as far as I could. 1:10:08  I went out at 9:15am. I thought I had 2hrs to ride. But I did not count the […]

Powerful google tools

When checking email in gmail, I found the intro of  how to use gmail with my own domain. That’s pretty cool. I did it immediately and I have my email account with my own domain name based on gmail system. Not only the email, but also documents share, calender… More applications can be widely used. You […]

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