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iriver Cover Story

iriver Cover Story is revealed

iriver recently revealed the new ebook product, Cover Story. It’s a wonderful and exact name. ‘Coz this time the Story comes with a cover to protect the screen. I got a real one in hand. It feels, especially the paging key on the left. As it shows on the photo, the long bar on the […]

iPhone OS 4

Functions that I'm interested in iPhone OS 4

Time 1:00am GMT+8. Apple reveal the iPhone OS 4 with many new features. So attractive cool ones are: Bluetooth keyboard. When being at home, typing with REAL keyboard is enjoyable. and my iPhone stand has the reason to take a place on the desk then. Multitasking! It makes a lot of features come true. And […]

iPad, new hottest keyword in coming days

There’s no doubt that this new stuff will make it the hottest keyword in the coming days – iPad. Hey good name is’t it? While just changing a character of iPod, there’s no better one. No need to say too much about what it can do now – as so many rumors have been proven […]

More than feeling good

Chinese saying, “Better work needs better tools”. That’s a good excuse for me to upgrade my equipment. Including the MacBook, the brand new DELL U2410f, and the DXRACER LCD/laptop stand. All above are installed on my desk in office.Colleagues thought I’m crazy: A geek who use his own equipments to work for company, and the […]

Welcome, Dell U2410!

6 years later, I finally got my new large screen LCD. Costs less, but much lager (17″ vs 24″). Dell U2410, what I like most, is the OSD design.  5 buttons with touch sensor and blue LED, when moving fingers over it, the LED turns on automatically. Touch it slightly, the other 4 button LED […]


When domino was releasing in Korea, I hope I could one day stands a group of this little ones a line. Now it comes true. See? Good wishes always come true. That’s the power of my will.

iriver Mplayer:Eyes On Me

It’s been released for a few months. I just got a real one on hand. Generally it’s same with previous version. But when operating, the eyes appear. It reminds me the theme song of the famous game Final Fantasy VIII: Eyes On Me. This time maybe we can say Eyes On Mplayer. Really cute.

Yes, it’s comfortable, easy to use. When touching the keyboard, it feels so good! Comes with OS X Leopard and fully support of Windows, MacBook is definitely the very notebook for me. No wonder why P is strongly recommending it. VMware Fusion makes it so easy to access Windows in OS X, Boot Camp can […]

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