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Simplified Chinese Language Pack for NextGEN Gallery

NextGEN Gallery is a very powerful plugin for WordPress that can manage the photo easily. It has many features and provides multiple language support. I’ve just made the Simplified Chinese language pack for the current version. Download Simplified Chinese Language Pack for NextGEN Gallery 1.21 1.33 1.43 1.52 1.55 1.60 1.72 1.73 1.81 1.83 1.91 […]

Coding standards

For a beginner of programing, it’s a good habit of writing codes in standard format. There are different rules in different companies/teams. Better than form your own, follow a standard of a popular application could be easier and more acceptable by people. For example, the WordPress Coding Standards and Inline Documentation. Some good approach I […]

Feeling web-based 3D graphics

After turning to Mac, in a sudden, I’m thinking why it’s so attractive to me? When there are a lot of reasons like OS X is more stable, virus free (though partly because of  market share is smaller than Windows) and so on, it’s much more important to me that OS X has a great […]

Fix the bug of ANCHOR not working in IE

ANCHOR may not work in IE when it’s working fine with Firefox. Check the HTML code to see if the ANCHOR is written in this way: [coolcode lang=”HTML”] [/coolcode] Then it can not work in IE. Don’t know why. Maybe another bug? Note that there’s nothing in the ANCHOR tag. Here’s how to fix it: […]

Getting started with google adsense

Previously, I thought only internet rookies would click the ad in web pages. And I was even proud of identifying the ads from the real content. But one day when I was searching some information on web, I really found something useful in the ad provided by adsense. I could not help to click and […]

Auto-stretch asymmetric background

When designing the website, sometimes I need the background to be asymmetric. Here is a example: I want to keep the main content in the center of the page while extending the green bar marked by the blue box to the right. The problem is, the background attribute of body tag is already used, both […]


Powerful UCenter, UChome

Facebook made a great success, which shows the attraction of SNS. More and more people would like to run a SNS like that. But Comsenz thinks more. They provided a platform for that. UCenter is such kind of product. Everyone could setup a personalized SNS with it. This world is large society, it’s contains uncountable […]