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This noon, nation wide shaked…From Sichuan to Beijing. Some reports show that there were pre-cautions in the nature, like this “Tens of thousand of frogs went outside in a village of Sichuan“. But the official’s responds are not so satisfied. Some professionals even said “This is kind of good sign that shows the animals like the environment of this village, the villagers should be happy that the frogs would help them eat the bugs in the farm.” OMG, we learnt in school that abnormal actions of the animals may be a prophetic sign of earthquake. Even he can not take the responsibility of “spreading rumor”, how can he gave such stupid answer?

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  1. Charlotte responded:

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    唔好講話佢地有沒有讀書啦, 可能連戲都未睇過
    如果已經有預測, 應該是令可信其有, 不可信其無
    雖然天災是無法避免的, 但如果可以減少人命或財物的損失, 為何不做一些預防措施?
    不過, 現在說什麼都沒有用了, 行動最實際!!!

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