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Feeling web-based 3D graphics

3D graphics on mobile Safari

After turning to Mac, in a sudden, I’m thinking why it’s so attractive to me? When there are a lot of reasons like OS X is more stable, virus free (though partly because of  market share is smaller than Windows) and so on, it’s much more important to me that OS X has a great user interface. I got the impression from friends that Mac has a strong graphic engine, more powerful than PC. Since they are using similar hardware, then it’s all about the beauty of software.

Apple mobile system inherits this.  Safari on iPhone could provide web-based 3D graphic. 3D graphic is not new to web browser. JavaScript, Java Applet, Flash has been working on it all the time. You can even start a 3D virtual tour of  THE FOBIDDEN CITY which requires extra plug-in. Powered by WebKit, Safari supports CSS Transforms and now CSS Animation. With Safari 4, you can see beautiful leaves falling here. The more wonderful thing is on iPhone OS:

Though this 3D animation can be created by JavaScript too, WebKit’s CSS transforms offer greater performance. And CSS could be handier for Web UI designer to create and manipulate elements to interact with users.

“It’s hardware accelerated, and all the timing and intervals needed for the animations are handled more efficiently by Safari itself instead of Safari’s JavaScript engine,” Peter Zich, a Chicago-area developer, told Ars. “The framerate for JS animations on the iPhone usually doesn’t get past 5fps, for instance, while with CSS it is far more.”

Personally, I’m using Firefox more for there are many convenient plug-ins. Hope it could catch up soon.

When 3D graphic control becomes a standard of industry and more web applications get involved, we are getting one step near to the Matrix world.

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    Hi Joe,
    I would like to convert Quick Time File into MP4.
    Can you please advice a user friendly program to me?

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    Thanks Joe 🙂

  3. My pleasure:)

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