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Fix hosts not working in Android

After editing hosts file in a rooted Android phone, sometimes you may find it not working.

The trick is, add a empty line at the end of hosts file.

And you may also find chrome still not working. You can go to chrome setting by pressing menu key, Go to “Bandwidth management -> Reduce data usage” and turn it off.

If you are reading this, you may already have known What hosts file is.
And you may also have rooted your Android phone.

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  1. jake bulowski responded:

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    OMG thank you soooo much. Dunno why the Chrome data saver was the cause, had not been an issue before.
    Turning it off did the trick.

  2. VideoPortal responded:

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    So first, I can t edit the dang host file to any extent, tried adding the x in the rwx part, but it didn t save. It won t accept the command to change or rename . How do I fix this?

    • Joe responded:

      It’s only for a rooted phone. And no need to add x permission.

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