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God, I still have to take care 48% IE6

The browser war has so many players in it: IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera… and some other mobile browsers. After turning to Mac, I have a delusion that most people are using Firefox, or Safari, or Chrome. When I check the website visitor report, the truth kicks me off from the cloud — There are still 48% IE6 users visiting the website.
I’m not a super fan of Firefox in Windows, but in Mac, all the fonts looks so nice in any browser (definitely not including IE) and I just don’t want to look back to the IE in Windows. Isn’t it a nightmare? With the Web Developer and Firebug add-on, Firefox is so powerful a web app development tool. In the meanwhile, the IE develop toolbar looks like a kid. Even in IE8, the improved built-in develop tool bar, has so many limitations. It’s killing me.
After complaining so much, I have to face the fact: 48% IE6! The good side is, Firefox and other browsers are stronger than last year. Take Firefox for example, it grows from 7% to 8%.

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  1. there would be a great demand for mobile browsers in the coming years that is for sure.”~~

    • Tkjune responded:

      @Joseph White Agree with you. The web app development meets another challenge. And Safari is in the lead in this race I guess.

  2. Indoor Grills  responded:

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    mobile browsers will become more and more powerful in the future as more applications are developed’.-

  3. UV Paint : responded:

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    mobile browsers will become more powerful in the next few years“-

  4. i have seen a few mobile browsers and used some of them, they are still a bit slow ;,.

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