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I'm not a pro, but I made it by myself

It was all about the accident on The riding day. In short, my coat got a hole on the chest. I desided to fix it myself. I was finding the patch online (sounds like patch for the software, haha, but no.). Thanks to Sandy that she bought one for me. But for two weeks, I had no time to fix it. Today is the day.

The hole The patch

I forgot to take a photo for the hole from front. When I remembered, I was half way to finish. So on the left, here is the photo from inside. It was too large a hole that could not be ignored. After 2 hours working, it’s done. Just like the photo on the right. Now I’m wearing it with all the happiness.

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  1. J7N responded:

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    why not a Rocket ^^

  2. RE:J7N
    My friend bought it for me. Not my choice~

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