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Mac OS X: OpenVPN error: write UDPv4: Can't assign requested address (code=49)

When using OpenVPN in Mac OS X, you may encounter the problem:
Mac cannot connect to server, while other devices in the same LAN, even the Windows VM in this OS X works fine. It works again after reboot.
If you check the log, you may see this:

OpenVPN error: write UDPv4: Can’t assign requested address (code=49)

I used to reboot to solve this. But there is a better quicker way, provide by

  • Open a Terminal window. (Found in Applications -> Utilities.)
  • Enter the following commands:
    1. sudo ifconfig en1 down
    2. sudo route flush
    3. sudo ifconfig en1 up
  • Please make sure to replace en1 with your actual Internet interface.
  • If you don’t know which en interface is your Internet interface you can do a:
    1. sudo ifconfig
  • To get an overview and figure our which en interface is your Internet interface.

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