Joe's Quest

Miracle or coincidence

I had a dream this morning. I dreamed of standing in a delivery room. It was so nice a room that differs from any others(which I saw in TV). The ceiling was painted skyblue together with some white cloud. A white bed was in the center of the room. And a baby girl was in the bed. She came to the world for just a little while, but she could say “dad” already! She is so lovely that when I held her in my arms, I even wanted to cry. I was touched so much by the new life of the world.  Then I woke up suddenly. 

I sit up in the bed, in the meantime, my mobile phone beeped. It was a SMS. Here came the most amazing part: it was from a good friend who is with child for 10 months. She told me she had just given birth to a baby girl this morning! I could not believe it and called her immediately to congratulate her and tell her about the dream. She was surprised at the story too. 

Yes, it’s hard to believe and it’s much a miracle more than a coincidence I think.

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