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Good morning Kathmandu

It’s cloudy these days, sometimes it rains. The weather is so cool, very comfortable. It’s 5:40am here. Sitting on the roof of the hotel, I can hear various of sounds of Kathmandu morning. In the very beginning, it was the singing of birds. Chinese says, the birds who get up early get worms to eat. […]

Being ill in another country

Just got sick here, feel exhausted. It may be caused by the water I drank yesterday. Staying in the hotel for the whole day. OMG. It could be the time to tidy all things up, photos, clothes, etc. Anyway, this is another experience of travelling. The good side is I’m not feeling too terrible. Let […]

Arrive in Nepal

I met Ichhya in 2005 on Skype. From then on, he asked me to come to Nepal for many times every year. Nepal is the fantastic country whose snow covered mountain and mystious temples gave me the first amazing impression in the game Tomb Raider. I was so busy on work that just could not […]

7hrs riding

Without a stop watch, I don’t know how far I have riden. From 1:30pm to 9:00pm, at altitude 3648M. Compare to 100M swimming at alatitude 4300M on Aug 11th, riding a bike is a easier job. At least I could take rest on it.

Trip To Tibet

Got a phone call from friend this morning and fixed the trip this afternoon. It will be on the day after tomorrow. One day to prepare. Hurry up~ First of the first… How to use the camera? OMG, now regreting…

iriver is pushing new products hard this year. On July 29th, SPINN released via(Korean). With new operation concept, SPINN has a rolling stick which controls the menu. Have not got full information about it so far. It looks nice, stylish. It has vivid AMOLED screen, 480×272 resolution, which will be perfect for watching video. It […]


It was July, 27th. I moved to the new appartment far away from downtown. Like the countryside. Costs 1.5 hrs even by metro. The good point is that the cost is much lower and it’s quieter there. Could be a base for a while. Gonna say goodbye to this district. The brain was blank in […]

ThinkPad, ThinkPal

I got my first laptop. Brand new ThinkPad T61p which is now present by Lenovo. It’s black, it’s cool and I like it very much. I also bought some accessories to protect it such as a softbag, screen protect film, keyboard protect film, external portable laptop cooler. A bluetooth mouse was applied too, easy to […]

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