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22.10km , 1:10:08 and etc.

Sunday morning, cloudy, windy, a bit cold. Started riding. This time, no destination. Free riding to the north. Key figures: 22.10km  I had a time limit and I wanted to ride as far as I could. 1:10:08  I went out at 9:15am. I thought I had 2hrs to ride. But I did not count the […]

Miracle or coincidence

I had a dream this morning. I dreamed of standing in a delivery room. It was so nice a room that differs from any others(which I saw in TV). The ceiling was painted skyblue together with some white cloud. A white bed was in the center of the room. And a baby girl was in the bed. […]

Powerful google tools

When checking email in gmail, I found the intro of  how to use gmail with my own domain. That’s pretty cool. I did it immediately and I have my email account with my own domain name based on gmail system. Not only the email, but also documents share, calender… More applications can be widely used. You […]

The riding day

Planned to take a ride in very morning last night. But went to bed too late. Got up at 9:30am, I insisted on taking the ride today. After preparing for a while, I went out at 10:30. My bike is just equipped with two new tires. It was the time to see the efforts. (BTW, […]

New tires for my bike

The former tire worked on my bike has served for 2 and half years. The two tires may be too tired and wanna retire. So I got this new couple to replace them. It’s thinner than the former one. Should provide more comfort and less resistance when riding on the road.

Helping people in my life.

Got the new on Wednesday that a colleague worked in branch company passed away, left her parents, wife, children behind. He was the income resource of the family. The parents got ill and the children are very very young. His wife now has to take care of the whole family and does not have extra time to work, […]

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