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More than feeling good

Chinese saying, “Better work needs better tools”. That’s a good excuse for me to upgrade my equipment. Including the MacBook, the brand new DELL U2410f, and the DXRACER LCD/laptop stand. All above are installed on my desk in office.Colleagues thought I’m crazy: A geek who use his own equipments to work for company, and the […]

Solving PHP has encountered an Access Violation

In short: it’s caused by compatibility of different version of MySQL. I have installed php + MySQL on two similar servers. The first one was running without any problem while the second one gave me “PHP has encountered an Access Violation”. Here is the version of each component: PHP: 5.2.8 MySQL: 5.1.34 Zend Optimizer: 3.3.3 […]

Welcome, Dell U2410!

6 years later, I finally got my new large screen LCD. Costs less, but much lager (17″ vs 24″). Dell U2410, what I like most, is the OSD design.  5 buttons with touch sensor and blue LED, when moving fingers over it, the LED turns on automatically. Touch it slightly, the other 4 button LED […]

God, I still have to take care 48% IE6

The browser war has so many players in it: IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera… and some other mobile browsers. After turning to Mac, I have a delusion that most people are using Firefox, or Safari, or Chrome. When I check the website visitor report, the truth kicks me off from the cloud — There are […]

One day, a visitor came. In green tuxedo, it stood still for over one day. I was very glad with its visiting. More food it had got, happier I would be. You must know it too.

Restaurant and review site, interact on mobile

3G is just lunched in China for not so long. No doubt it’s a huge market for the fast network is finally moving on hand. Let the information fill the gaps of life. Finding a restaurant on mobile network is not new. Maybe restaurant and review site can do more inter-activities. Before, it happens like […]

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