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When domino was releasing in Korea, I hope I could one day stands a group of this little ones a line. Now it comes true. See? Good wishes always come true. That’s the power of my will.

Simplified Chinese Language Pack for NextGEN Gallery

NextGEN Gallery is a very powerful plugin for WordPress that can manage the photo easily. It has many features and provides multiple language support. I’ve just made the Simplified Chinese language pack for the current version. Download Simplified Chinese Language Pack for NextGEN Gallery 1.21 1.33 1.43 1.52 1.55 1.60 1.72 1.73 1.81 1.83 1.91 […]

Coding standards

For a beginner of programing, it’s a good habit of writing codes in standard format. There are different rules in different companies/teams. Better than form your own, follow a standard of a popular application could be easier and more acceptable by people. For example, the WordPress Coding Standards and Inline Documentation. Some good approach I […]

Custom Fields and Category Order in Atahualpa Theme

Atahualpa is a wonderful WordPress theme that can be customized with 200+ options. It can be use to build simple websites with a bunch of settings. I found that custom fields can not be displayed as it described. I’m not sure if it’s a bug. I did some modifications and it works now. Here is […]

Feeling web-based 3D graphics

After turning to Mac, in a sudden, I’m thinking why it’s so attractive to me? When there are a lot of reasons like OS X is more stable, virus free (though partly because of  market share is smaller than Windows) and so on, it’s much more important to me that OS X has a great […]

After no updating for 2 months, Charlotte is back with new mood. I like this photo she posted, the peaceful riverside. There are some more here.

A few tips for Mac OS X

Q: When save Automator as a plug-in for Finder, where on the earth is it? A: Find it here “~/Library/Workflows/Applications/Finder” Q: How can I get the full path of a file as soon as possible? A: Use AppleScript + Automator in this way. Or install the contextual menu plugin below. Q: I want more handy […]

Mac widget Currency Converter error

We are experiencing the most serious financial crisis since the Great Crash of 1929. So WHOSE fault, when $1 does not worth $1 any more? Okay, I’m sorry for bluffing. First, we might meet currency deflation not inflation, second, it’s all about a bug of Mac OS X build-in widget. After upgrading to OS X […]

Unwanted ADs, get out of my place!

Have used Google Adsense for a few weeks. It was looking good in the beginning. Like what I said, sometimes you can find useful information in the ads. But recently, after adding Chinese version in the posts, more and more unwanted ads come out, including the no sense hospitals and so on, which are not […]

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