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Dolalei World

Introducing an adorable lovely funny little beauty — Dolalei, from my friend Lulu. Lulu is really a responsible and hardworking mother. She took so many photos and videos to record Dolalei’s growing. Clap for her:) Read more stories(Chinese) of Dolalei and watch all the video from infant to present. Know more about her mother.

After reading Charlotte’s masterpiece, I remember I have taken a similar photo. It was taken on Sep 11th, 2004, on the top of Victoria Peak, by my Sony T1, a camera for dommies. It does not have the anti-shock function, so it’s hard to take a clear photo in dark circumstance. That’s why I’m pround […]

Mac OS X:Delete strange file in trash

This file with strange file name has lived in my Trash for over a month. I finally get rid of it today. It’s caused by the FAT32 partition for Windows. I booted Windows and deleted the files in the hidden directory “C:\.Trash” and similar folders. Then the problem is solved.

Small change in Gmail Contact

Just found that in Gmail address book, QQ was added in the IM option list. QQ is the most widely used IM in China. When ICQ was getting popular at the end of last centry, QQ, previous called QICQ, caught the chance in China. Compare to MSN, ICQ or other IMs, QQ has the local […]

If you go upside down, and two steps forward, you’ll be evil. This is a word puzzle. The answer contains two words. Can you guess? Tips: Find one of them 5 days earlier.

Click the picture above to get the wallpaper. Merry Christmas! My dear friends, wish all the luck be with you.

  • The Everest
  • Evening View Of The Everest
  • Camps At The Base Camp Of The Everest
  • Mountain near the Everest Mountain Near The Everest
  • A White Stone
  • Stacked Stones Stacked Stones
  • Creek Blocked The Way

Meet the Everest

It’s always pleasant to be there to feel the fresh air, shiny stars. That’s what the Everest could give you. On Aug 22nd, I was so close to it, the famous Everest. I had never been so near to it. It was one of my dreams when I was a child: Meet the tallest mountain […]

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