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Adobe photoshop express: use photoshop online and more


Service called Photoshop Express presented by Adobe started. More and more services were put online. From the frontpage of it, I saw many photos which might be generated by users. UCC is everywhere…

Register this service, you can get 2G free online storage and a subdomain with your ID. The coolest thing is the UI, based on flash, it works smoothly, quite nice.

Here is an example I just made by a series of clicks, very simple.

Photoshop express example Photoshop express example

2GB storage let you have a huge online album. After uploading, you’ll get 3 sizes of images which can be downloaded, linked, or sent by email. You can also create gallery to share with others. Together with a simple but powerful editor, quality insured by Adobe, that’s all you want. All I’m praying is that the CN_GFW would not block it again, like the flicker etc…

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  1. karen responded:

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    I like the design style of your website. Thanks for the lovely message you sent me…

  2. karen responded:

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    You once taught me how to fold paper plane, and I still got the picture of your wooden plane model.

  3. karen responded:

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    I visited your friend’s web and saw this:
    It seems everything stays the same…

  4. I know which blog you’re talking about:) yes, as always. Related departments are doing such things all the time. Very political.

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