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Scheduled job under Mac OS X

In OS X, use crontab to run a scheduled job via shell script.
Open Terminal, input 

sudo crontab -e

to enter vi editor mode to edit jobs for root user.
Then use

* * * * * kill myprocess

to do some job (Here I killed myprocess)
“*” means “first-last”
The 5 “*” can be replaced with numbers to indicate scheduled time.
1st *: Minute (0~59)
2nd *: Hour (0~23)
3rd *: Day (1~31) Should be a valid day in the month specified below
4th *: Month (1~12)
5th *: DayOfWeek (0~7)

Other parameters:

# List all jobs of user Joe
crontab -l -u Joe
# Delete all jobs
crontab -r
# Edit jobs
crontab -e

Use sudo when modify jobs for user root.

Check out full manual of crontab.

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