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Riding for 58km


Before doing it, easy or hard, never know how it would be. I took the ride to Qibao, Sheshan, Songjiang finally, which has been planned for over a month. My friends said that it would take 6 or 7 hours to get there. I was not sure and I did not care about that. No […]

The riding day

Planned to take a ride in very morning last night. But went to bed too late. Got up at 9:30am, I insisted on taking the ride today. After preparing for a while, I went out at 10:30. My bike is just equipped with two new tires. It was the time to see the efforts. (BTW, […]

New tires for my bike

The former tire worked on my bike has served for 2 and half years. The two tires may be too tired and wanna retire. So I got this new couple to replace them. It’s thinner than the former one. Should provide more comfort and less resistance when riding on the road.

DIY the chain cleaner, so great!

Last Sunday I spent whole day to clean my bike. The most troublesome  part is cleaning the chain. I got all my hands stained. The lubricating oil mixed with dirt is hard to clean, and I even had to use insecticide to wash my hands. I got this from a bike forum today. What a wonderful […]

Never risk who or what you love

I made a wrong decision. I should not have run downward the slope. There was no covers on the canal. My dear bicycle was shocked so much that the handlebars were a bit loose. I feel very sorry to it. I promise I won’t risk it again. And also to anyother I loved.