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iriver Cover Story

iriver Cover Story is revealed

iriver recently revealed the new ebook product, Cover Story. It’s a wonderful and exact name. ‘Coz this time the Story comes with a cover to protect the screen. I got a real one in hand. It feels, especially the paging key on the left. As it shows on the photo, the long bar on the […]


When domino was releasing in Korea, I hope I could one day stands a group of this little ones a line. Now it comes true. See? Good wishes always come true. That’s the power of my will.

iriver Mplayer:Eyes On Me

It’s been released for a few months. I just got a real one on hand. Generally it’s same with previous version. But when operating, the eyes appear. It reminds me the theme song of the famous game Final Fantasy VIII: Eyes On Me. This time maybe we can say Eyes On Mplayer. Really cute.

I just know how the icons in Mac OS work. 1st, The resolution is higher than Windows, as high as 512×512; 2nd, there are several different size of images in the icon file (format: .icns). That’s why the icons look so nice, even when zooming. I just tried to make one by myself. I drew […]

iriver is pushing new products hard this year. On July 29th, SPINN released via(Korean). With new operation concept, SPINN has a rolling stick which controls the menu. Have not got full information about it so far. It looks nice, stylish. It has vivid AMOLED screen, 480×272 resolution, which will be perfect for watching video. It […]

人生一朝如陽雪, 盡化春水軟紅塵。 天涯若是有緣處, 山水陌路自故人。

It begins with cassette

1988. I saw my father had a Sanyo portable cassette player, looks like the ones above but a little different. I wanted it but I was too young to have it. I could not control my curiosity and played with it when father was not noticing. I even pushed the 3 button down together, which […]

“You must have a lot to say when leaving iriver and the MP3 industry, right?”, asked by Bright Li, the editor in chief of PC World China. Yes, since 2002, I got my first portable music player, it’s been a long story. I would start from beginning, write them down to memorize the first career, […]

iriver released new product again. This time, with the theme of Live, the product is named Lplayer via(Korean). The MV is from Muse, Knights Of Cydonia: Live At Wembley Stadium 2007. I found the full version here, the official Muse Youtube channel. Sounds great and a lot of comments shown that the audiences love it. […]

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