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24K gilded Mplayer Limited Edition

Gold Mplayer limited edition for charity

Finally, it can be started. I proposed the plan the day right after the earthquake and got internal approval right away. But due to the authorization contract, further approval from Disney is needed… After a few days, thanks to Mr. Cheung, he granted approval directly which is in fact needed comment for the legal department. And thanks […]

37.2℃, the temperature of love

37.2℃, the temperature of love

37.2℃, the temperature of love. The campaign was launched from early April. Michael of,AKA MZ, is the key man of it. The first event is E100 review, which has been successfully finished. User review is a good tradition of iriver since 2003. It’s based on good-quality product. By stimulate the loyal fans’ interests of […]

To my surprise that my homepage got a pagerank of 2. That’s a nice beginning. In the meantime, the PR of has been 6 and has been 5 which pleased me too.

Voice of customers

It is often said the customers’ opinion is always important to us. But today I suddenly find out that I have not taken care of it for such a long time. The founder of Air Asia, Tony Fernandes said that he takes almost every minute to check the emails from customers, they are free market […]

Camera or...?

It looks like, but it’s not camera. A photo tank + PMP, using the most advanced screen: AMOLED. iriver brings more fantastic toys for big boys this year. Click here to know more about iriver P20.(Chinese)

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