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Wake up Dell U2410 in Mac

My Dell U2410 (Rev A04) cannot wake up when connects to iMac with Disport. But another monitor Dell U2412M has no such issue. After googling, I found it’s not only me who got this problem and it might be a hardware problem of U2410. Since the warranty has been expired for many years, I have to […]

Scheduled job under Mac OS X

In OS X, use crontab to run a scheduled job via shell script. Open Terminal, input  to enter vi editor mode to edit jobs for root user. Then use to do some job (Here I killed myprocess) “*” means “first-last” The 5 “*” can be replaced with numbers to indicate scheduled time. 1st *: Minute […]

Auto Answer FaceTime Call

When FaceTime was introduced by Apple the first time, I was thinking, it can be a security cam if it supports auto answering. I accidentally got the solution today. Ok, may be it’s not new, but it’s a useful trick for me. Simply execute following command in Terminal: defaults write AutoAcceptInvites -bool YES defaults write […]