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7hrs riding

Without a stop watch, I don’t know how far I have riden. From 1:30pm to 9:00pm, at altitude 3648M. Compare to 100M swimming at alatitude 4300M on Aug 11th, riding a bike is a easier job. At least I could take rest on it.

Riding for 58km


Before doing it, easy or hard, never know how it would be. I took the ride to Qibao, Sheshan, Songjiang finally, which has been planned for over a month. My friends said that it would take 6 or 7 hours to get there. I was not sure and I did not care about that. No […]

My new record today: 130 push-ups. Also got a new tight-fit, black, the second tight-fit I have since 1999.

110 push-ups, it could be a milestone. Leave a mark here. Since last Nov till now, the qty is increasing, 1 by 1, 10 by 10.

22.10km , 1:10:08 and etc.

Sunday morning, cloudy, windy, a bit cold. Started riding. This time, no destination. Free riding to the north. Key figures: 22.10km  I had a time limit and I wanted to ride as far as I could. 1:10:08  I went out at 9:15am. I thought I had 2hrs to ride. But I did not count the […]

Riding for 22KM

I just can’t concentrate these days. I went out for a ride yesterday  afternoon, @ about 6:00pm. I went out of the south gate of campus, no destination. Maybe I should find something new to eat. Then I went to the west. The bicycle shortened the distance. What a pity the air was bad. Too […]

Skating! My feet hurts:(

The shoes are too bad . They are so small, tight, hard that I couldn’t survive. I changed for 3 pairs of them. The first 2 pairs made my ankle hurt. There’s a break in the front of the shoe. When skating, it always made me stop suddenly and I fell to front. The 3rd pair is better. […]