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The riding day

Planned to take a ride in very morning last night. But went to bed too late. Got up at 9:30am, I insisted on taking the ride today. After preparing for a while, I went out at 10:30. My bike is just equipped with two new tires. It was the time to see the efforts. (BTW, the old tires worked for me for over two years, 1947km. 197hrs) .

Once riding on, it felt good. It costs less power as I expected. I adjusted the speed gear to 6 and previously I usually use speed 5. The average speed was 28km/h. I accelerated to 35km/h if the trafic was not too heavy. The only problem was the dust on the road. So many tracks made the dust fly to everywhere. And I did not wear a mask, that means I breathed the dust all day long. That could hurt my lung much.

There was an accident during my trip. When I went on a bridge, there was a gap on the road that I did not notice. My front wheel was trapped in it and the bike was not stopped. My whole body was thrown out. In the meantime, a large truck was passing by. That was close! Lucky~ But I still got hurt. So did my bike. My right hand was broken, though not a big deal. My coat was scratched a whole on the right chest. My bike got some scratches on the handlebar… Anyway, I’m still alive and writing here.

In the park

Bike with new tires

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  1. J7N responded:

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    ^^ nice bike

  2. RE:J7N
    Thank you~

  3. karen responded:

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    Enchanting view

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