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My U10!

I’m gonna have one! My 3rd iriver. From iFP-180TC to iFP-390T and to this one~   Re:MinnoDo come and you are welcome~. Re:Orientalism🙂 Re:WillowNot for free. I buy it myself.

U10: thumbThing

http://u10.iriver.com + Easy access with intuitive Direct Click interface   + Large & vibrant color LCD with dynamic GUI (2.22 inch 260,000 color QVGA TFT-LCD)   + Chameleon Display, unusual ability to change its appearance   + Plays up to 28 hours   + Supports music file such as MP3, WMA, ASF and OGG Q10 […]

Isn't it good, when it just works?

 I didn’t know that it’s smaller than I thought. Also, the user interface is friendly. The surface is made of some kind of plastic that feels so good. The information on the screen fades in and out when operating. I love this bright color, the HOLD key and the lock too. Hang it anywhere you want. What […]

Play with dry ice

  I thought the dry ice would be fun when I was in senior school after learning a lesson about it in physics class. Think about it, the ice turns into gas directly, likes some kinds of magic. I have never touch it before. And now I can get it by buying a can of icecream. Or can I […]

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