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Change ColorSync Profile

ColorSync Profile for Dell U2410 on MacBook Pro

Dell U2410 is a great monitor in 24 inches, with vivid color, convenient UI. When using it with my Macbook Pro, I found it too bright and the default color setting is not so good. I adjusted the color in comparison of MacBook Pro’s own LCD. And here is the Dell U2410 ColorSync Profile for MacBook Pro. Follow […]

Disable update checking of WordPress 3

When you designing a website for client with WordPress, you may not want your client click the “Upgrade” button for any reasons (mostly, by curiosity). We all know that it may cause unusable of customized theme. Here’s how to disable it. Open functions.php of your theme and add following lines. [coolcode lang=”php”] add_filter(‘pre_site_transient_update_core’, create_function(‘$a’, “return […]

Disable window pop up animation in Mac OS X Lion

Fully agreed with some reviews of Mac OS X Lion that, pop up window animation is quite annoying. Luckily it also provides a way to disable it with Terminal. In Terminal, paste command below and press enter: defaults write NSGlobalDomain NSAutomaticWindowAnimationsEnabled -bool NO UPDATE on Aug 13,2011: Try Lion Tweaks to make it more easier. […]

Mac OS X hotkey table for print

It’s so convenient to use Mac when making full use of hotkeys. I found the most used hotkeys list and made a table, which can be printed on 2 pages of A3 paper. It can be the quick reference for Mac newbies. Click images below to zoom and save.

WordPress auto upgrade in Mac local environment

When I test WordPress in local Mac OS X, the auto upgrade function is not available. It shows up like below: Here describes reasons and solution. But it doesn't work in my situation: Using XAMPP to set up the testing environment. Another solution were provided in comment 44 by Johan L. It works alright! Do […]

Snagit the screen capture tool

I introduced Paparazzi! to capture the whole webpage until Ray recommended Layers by Wuonm. Now I just got Snagit from TechSmith, another screen capture too. From the video introduction, it looks good. Will try it out later.

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