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These days (1)

Quite busy. Just eat.   It’s recommended food in the menu. I have to admit that it’s really delicious. But I think there might be several different chefs cooking it. Sometimes the taste is just right and sometimes it’s over heated. It’s still worth trying.  The glass of drink on the left is one kind of Guangdong style tea, […]

Painting. Sweety Production.

Gifts again. This time, painting from Sweety Rain. Here I took some photos of her works. The below ones are not the gifts for me. I’ll post the gifts later. Very lovely painting. I helped make a simple frame and mount the picture.  Life is fun. Just find out the happiness within.  

Just in case

You should prepare well before you launching a big project, making a important decision etc. For example, you have to do something before departing, JUST IN CASE, I mean….kind of like this…  


The biz trip. It’s said that the wether is cold there. How cold could it be? I saw fog on my window a few days ago. Much colder than here? Preparing more clothes. This one, that one… Put them all in the large case I take. And then I looked into the empty cabinet and found that… there’s […]

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