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Life is a circle -- For the baby I've never seen

Days passed. Once I thought about the baby whom I’ve never seen, my heart shocks. Hei told me the sad story. The little life passed away silently. It was about a friend of Hei, whom I don’t know.  So the baby, I feel its so close to me. Farewell, lovely, see you in the circle of […]

There could be a second time or even more

I mean the eel and fish! The restaurant recommended by Johnny called "新泰乐" is famous for its well cooked eel. The eel covered by ice can’t be seen from the photo. It was like sushimi. But Zen said it was cooked. I did not confirm with the waitress. What I knew was I would come again.

Morning ride, in the fresh air, in campus

I’m not on duty today, but I decide to go to office to finish some pending work. When I was about to leaving for it, I find that the weather is so cool today. I change my mind. Riding my bike, listening the music, I start wondering in campus. The fresh air was full of breath […]

The bread again! I love it!

The frequency of seeking the delicious food has been lowered. I don’t have too much time to do this these days. Once I have the chance, I eat a lot. Just like today. Again, the bread, with the olive oil and vinegar, seized my tongue.     Compare the two(Left: last time; Right: this time) […]

The best beefsteak I've ever had

I don’t eat meat much since 5 or 6 years old. I ate a lot of meat before that. But I feel the taste of meat is strange since then and I don’t know the reason. So I don’t have the qualification to score a piece of beefsteak. But even a guy who don’t eat […]

Drift to the future

The automobiles drive youngsters crazy too. There’s no surprise that so many boys and girls are crowding into the elevator of the cinema. Here comes Initial D the movie. Well, there must be some other reasons, like the staring of famous singer Jay, the free coupon ticket from CMCC… Anyway, the movie is not bad. The cars are exactly the […]

STAR WARS !!! Revenge Of The Sith

Fly high, into the sky, even the universe. As one of the boys who have such dream in their childhood, I went to watch the movie last Saturday. YES, it’s fantasitic! And it recalls the memories of the universe dream~ Sitting there in the theater, even the seats were shocked by the great roar when […]

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