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Don't you love it? Soul Slim Style~

It may be not appropriate to say that S10 is a big boy toy. There must be more girls like it than boys. You’ll know why when you touch it. Like a piece of chocolate, you wanna bite it when hold it with your fingers. And also, it let you feel that you should protect it for it’s so lovely, cute and delicate; You wanna show it to everybody, but you don’t let others to touch. As a friend said, U10 and S10 are lovers. If you have a U10, give your lover a S10. (But I’m not sure if she wants them both.) It’s not just a MP3 player, but also a pretty little one. See it, you’ll love it.


  • Wow! I’m so interested, I want to know more about S10…
  • And where to buy?
  • Did you say U10? What’s that?

    RE: 每一天的太阳都是新的
    Not my hands… They are from the ad… some korean hands I think.

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    1. liu responded:

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      ad or … 🙂

    2. 小奇 responded:

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      hmm… it’s cute. lulu’s colleague got one, take a look:)

    3. ELAINE responded:

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      Whose hand it is?

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